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Hay Hay Hay check me out being creepy on Creeps Annual’s ARTIST SPOTLIGHT. I talk about strip malls and Cher being a hologram and why I’m creepy and my mantra… plus there’s a pic of my “studio” aka my maximalist-ass bedroom. 



Name something random that has informed your work recently?

I’m really into suburban strip malls lately… specifically the generic red neon text signs that say things like “Nails” or “Liquor”.  The sadder and more generic looking the better.

Where do people assume you are from?

I get California a lot, which makes sense because I lived there from ages 5-11.  A west coast mentality/aesthetic informs a lot of my work and I’m like, a valley girl at heart.

When was it clear you would be an artist / writer?

Probably that time I went to a Cher concert with my mom when I was 8 and asked her if it was possible for Cher to perform as a hologram and if so, would she be able to get away with it for the entire tour without anyone noticing.  That moment seems like a pretty big signifier of things to come regarding me/my art.

Why are you a creep?

I sometimes film reality unbeknownst to the other people surrounding me. I find it interesting to document people’s societal interactions, but my purpose is never ill-intentioned.  People submit to surveillance every day by walking outside or using the internet, but you get a more authentic capture if no one knows they’re being filmed.  I’m intrigued by that.

What is your ultimate fantasy project, if money and time were no concern?

I’d really like to do an artist’s residency inside the Mall of America.

What is your mantra?

“Ignore the noise; hard work pays off”

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Bottom center GIF from AMERICAN REFLEXXX ~ A Short Reality Film by Signe Pierce + Alli Coates:

Here goes another one…


Chillin’ in the 4th dimension


Signe Pierce live @ the Silent Barn (02/02/14)

Check me out~ bottom two photos by Alli Coates


Bubble BB (at Central Park)

Probably my most glorious moment so far this year